Unity 3D Developer Forum

7 November 2018

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On 7 November, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host a Unity 3D Developer Forum to expand the interoperability of gaming and simulation technologies with open standard geospatial data into a range of 3D applications on Laptop PC, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and other mobile technologies.

The Unity 3D Developer Forum will lead into the 8-9 November Virtual Worlds Forum (VWF). 



The objective of this event is to identify approaches, products, and/or services to support the technology requirements of 3D geospatial technologies integrated into mobile devices used by SOF elements.


Technology Focus Areas

Focus areas include 3D mobile technologies that leverage open standard geospatial data available now, under development, or anticipated to be developed in the next 3-5 years.

Technologies and concepts should address the interrelated problems of gaining/maintaining persistent access, collecting and characterizing data, and fusing data to inform decisions. Alternate means to achieve the same ends or effects will also be considered and responses are encouraged even if you have only a part of a more comprehensive solution.


Tentative Agenda

0800-0830: Check-In and Demo Set-Up
0830-0900: SOFWERX 101 (Small Auditorium)
0900-0915: Opening Remarks
0915-1015: Unity 3D Demonstration of Terrain Modeling – GAIA Tutorial (Auditorium)
1015-1030: Break
1030-1700: Capability Demonstrations (ThunderDrone)

• Esri

• Penn State Applied Research Lab

• Immersive Wisdom



• Threat Tec

• SimBlocks.io


1030-1215: Developer’s “Show & Tell” Presentations

• 1030-1100: Penn State Applied Research Lab
• 1105-1135: Threat Tec
• 1140-1210: CACI

1215-1330: Lunch (On Your Own)
1330-1700: “Ask the Expert” Sessions (Collaboration Area)

• Technical/Developer Deep Dive
• Interoperability with Geospatial Data Standards
• Rapid Development & Automation
• Mission Integration
• Field / disconnected / ruggedized implementation considerations

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.


How You Can Participate

(Submissions Closed)

Interested industry partners can submit gaming technology content with open standard 3D geospatial data by one of the following methods:

Option A: Demonstration-Automation

• Leverage the Unity 3D platform with automated processing and dissemination of high resolution open standard geospatial 3D data for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Option B: Demonstration-Applications

• Provide submission of your Unity 3D applications for review and selection for demonstration

Option C: Participant

• A participant without providing a presentation or technology demonstration


(Submissions Closed)



For event related questions, please contact Tania Steele, tania.steele@sofwerx.org.


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