Tech Tuesday

The SOFWERX Tech Tuesday Team invites Innovators to submit their game-changing technologies for an opportunity to highlight their capabilities to Government Stakeholders from USSOCOM, as well as other Government Agencies and Services!

The SOFWERX mission is to solve challenging Warfighter problems at scale through innovation and collaboration. Tech Tuesdays help SOFWERX achieve this goal by connecting Innovators with Government Stakeholders to learn about transformational technologies. Selected presenters will each have a 30-minute time slot on an upcoming Tuesday from 1500-1700 ET to brief and discuss their transformational capabilities with an all-government audience.

As a neutral facilitator, SOFWERX does not own any intellectual property or U.S. patents. The sole function of Tech Tuesday is to get transformational capabilities in front of Government Stakeholders so they can decide if they would like to connect with presenters off-line.


incremental innovation

transformational innovation

Example: Biometrics

Incremental innovation serves existing customers or markets. It may involve new, improved, refined, or “incrementally better” products or services. These innovations are usually closely tied to the core business.

adjacent innovation

transformational innovation

Example: Autonomous Decontamination

Adjacent innovation involves expansion to an adjacent business or customer arrangement. This innovation typically leverages the company's expertise, but does so in new or innovative ways. For the government, this often means the adoption of dual-use technologies.

transformational innovation

transformational innovation

Example: Swarming Technologies

Transformational innovation involves the creation of entirely new businesses to serve new markets and new customers. Considered the most high-risk style of innovation, transformational innovation often requires new capabilities, and yields totally new products and markets.

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