Through collaborations with non-government organizations (NGOs) and private entities, SOFWERX engages in humanitarian assistance, information sharing, and other cooperative efforts that align with broader societal goals and global security interests.


Come see SOFWERX for yourself! Tours are available every Wednesday at 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Meet with us for a SOFWERX 101 and walk through the space to learn more about our mission. Tours require no more than an hour. Government personnel with the following ranks are considered VIP and should complete the respective VIP Tour Request form: E-9, O-7 through O-10, SES Level V - Level I (or their equivalents).

Doing Business with USSOCOM

SOFWERX is an ideal location for Government personnel to meet in an UNCLASSIFIED facility. Our space is available for USSOCOM to collaborate with Industry, Academia, National Labs, and other Government agencies who wouldn’t normally have base access. Each conference room is equipped with a telephone, monitor, Wi-Fi, and white boards. USSOCOM recommends utilizing one of the conference rooms at the HQ, JSOU, or Education Center if attendees have base access.


SOFWERX events are utilized to solve Warfighter problems through collaboration, ideation, and rapid prototyping. USSOCOM representatives who are considering using SOFWERX to solve a problem can submit an event request to begin the dialogue. The use of the SOFWERX platform to run/facilitate events is funded via the Partnership Intermediary Agreements (PIA) with USSOCOM. Therefore, in most cases, there is no cost to the requestor(s). Additional funding needs are determined on a case-by-case basis and can be discussed during the planning process. To learn more about various events, please see the descriptions by visiting


The Foundry, located in the SOFWERX facility, is capable of complex engineering manufacturing. We leverage machining, 3D printing, plasma/laser cutters, and all facets of welding, including the ability to develop small electronic components. We facilitate complete CAD packages while working closely with our clients to provide useable rapid prototypes & proof of concepts in our ever-growing inventory of capabilities.

Tech Tuesday

The SOFWERX Tech Tuesday Team invites Innovators to submit their game-changing technologies for an opportunity to highlight their capabilities to government stakeholders from USSOCOM, as well as other Government Agencies and Services!

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