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SOFWERX creates opportunities to solve challenging Warfighter problems through Discovery, Engagement, and Acceleration of critical thought and capabilities at scale. As we continue to curate and mature our innovation practices for Special Operations Forces, thought Leadership and transparency will remain the touchstones of our success. Below are the metrics used by the CMD to guide our efforts and those of our valuable ecosystem partners.


The SOF Ecosystem: Explore and evaluate previously inaccessible technological approaches to extend the competitive advantage for SOF

Email Constituents

Who subscribes to SOFWERX alerts?

Submission Origination

Where do event submissions originate?

Ecosystem Growth

Annual Ecosystem Numbers Comprised of Email Constituents and Social Media Followers

Metrics through the years transparent


SOFWERX Events: Deliberate collisions between USSOCOM and external innovation partners

Tech Tuesday

Weekly event to discover transformational technologies

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Selected Tech

Discovery Events

Events to explore new or novel capabilities

Event Statistics

Events to create engagement between USSOCOM and innovators


Average RSVP


Average Tech Submissions


Average tech submissions selected


Outcomes: Increasing the velocity and volume of technologies to ensure SOF supremacy

Components Supported Through All SOFWERX Efforts

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SOF Challenge Identified
  • Components (402)
  • TSOC & SOF Units (80)
  • HQ / J-Staff (39)
SOFWERX Mechanism Applied
Opportunity Released to Ecosystem
Submissions Due ~ 30 Days After Release
Gov Downselects ~ 10 Days After Submissions Received
Mechanisms Include:
  • Projects (232)
  • Collaboration Events (73)
  • Assessment Events (35)
  • Tech Talks (28)
  • Prize Challenges (25)
  • Rapid Prototyping Events (7)
  • Hackathons (7)
  • Evaluations (2)
1-on-1 Event with Government

Impact Definitions

Think of these as target rings:

Outer ring, Knowledge Transfer: Any new, novel or provocative idea, technique or technology we are able to share with USSCOM.

Next ring in, Validations: Borne of our ideation sessions, we validate ideas and concepts as well as define the coalition of the willing, the acquisition strategy and implementation plan.

Next ring in, Consignment: Successful projects that are adopted, however the end item cost does not warrant moving to a program of record and the stakeholders purchase locally.

Bullseye, Transitions: This is the metric that USSOCOM AE cares the most about. A project is considered a transition when USSOCOM awards a new contractual vehicle to provide a new, improved, or continuing material, weapon, information system or service capability in response to an approved need or transitions to a Program of Record (PoR).


From 2015-2021, SWX has contracted $29,577,928.69 through 595 Purchase Orders and Business to Business Agreements.